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Ex Eye Baltimore Show Review

Posted August 21, 2017 by Ron in Live

Baltimore Maryland
August 16th 2017

Welcome to the world of STRANGE CHAOTIC music but yet MAGICALLY BEAUTIFUL

I walked in the Ottobar, this being my first time at this venue, not fully knowing what to expect for the night. I was here to watch a band called Ex Eye. I have seen some buzz around the web about this oddly but intensely satisfying band. Ex Eye consists of Colin Stetson on saxophones( one is a bass sax which when I asked weighs about 30lbs) Shahzad Ismaily on Keys, Greg Fox on Drums and Toby Summerfield on guitar. This instrumental metal/jazz/outer worldly band delivers the pure raw and animal instincts in us all.

When Ex Eye started to play something strange came over me, from the music and the crowd and eerie lighting I felt like I was at the Roadhouse in the new Twin Peaks series. Ex Eye opened up with Xenolith; The Anvil, which brings out the big bass saxophone and just delivers a creepy yet beautiful tone and start to what would be an amazing show.

Each member of this band contributes to the overall sound, each just as chaotic and intense as the next. With Colin on the saxophone, I’ve never seen anyone ever play the instrument with such grace and professionalism, at one point I think he was playing it non stop which seemed to be like an eternity of time, I was completely blown away( no pun intended) Shahzad while sitting down in the corner brought forth such amazing sounds from his keyboard/sampler. Guitarist Toby at times shredded like a madman possessed, at one point his fingers were both on the guitar strings just going all over the place and fast as I’ve ever seen and without missing a beat just killed it. You can’t forget drummer Greg Fox his sporadic drumming and off time playing was one of the highlights of the show. It was pure entertainment watching him just dismantle those drums then out of nowhere go back to a smooth and soft beat.

Ex Eye is one band that I recommend that you see. If you’re into the wonderful and strange world of music that doesn’t get as much love as it should, you need to check out this band. I hope to see them in the future, Hell maybe if Twin Peaks gets another season we can see them play at the Roadhouse and the world can experience what some of us have got to with this band.

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