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Fallujah – Dreamless – Review

Posted May 7, 2016 by George Archibald in CD Reviews



By: George Archibald:

California’s Fallujah just released Dreamless on April 29th through Nuclear Blast Records. This Atmospheric Death Metal quintet are looking to have further success as this is the follow up to 2014’s The Flesh Prevails, which hit #15 on the US hard rock album charts.

Founded in 2007, the band brings progressive metal together with a mix of death, programming, and ambiance. Each member of Fallujah is a master of their instrument as noted with the many stand out parts from every performer on this album.

To push promotion for this album, Fallujah released the single ‘The Void Alone’ and a music video for ‘Abandon’ prior to the album’s released. ‘The Void Alone’ starts off with a very clean echoing guitar riff before advancing with a heavy dose of progressive metal. This track reminds me of some of the old Cynic albums with the way the guitar uses tremolo to emphasize the riffs. As soon as that passes something fresh to the ear a bit of female vocals come in to accompany the track.

The ‘Abandon’ video showcases the theme of the album. Having a very dissonant feel with suppressed vocals in the beginning of the track. The accompanying guitars lead you up to a counterpoint of harmony and emphasis in this soundscape. Visually, the video is meant to make you believe you are watching dream and nightmare intertwining, while you catch glimpses of the bands’ performance.

This album doesn’t just follow one genre by sticking to just plain death metal, or progressive metal. The tracks ‘Fidelio’ and ‘Les Silences’ show the bands programming prowess. A mix of ambient and electronic drums along with dissonant vocal samples these two tracks lead you on an audio soundscape. This album also has a ton of atmosphere as Fallujah tries to fill every inch audibly for a enjoyable 360-degree experience. This album is meant to encompass it’s listener in a wave of sound with is evident in the beautiful mixing and mastering it contains.

If you are looking for a refreshing take on the progressive death metal genre or trying to escape the norm of metal, you will not be disappointed in Dreamless.


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