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Hanzel und Gretyl – FishHead Cantina – Baltimore, MD

Posted April 17, 2016 by Ron in Live


Hanzel und Gretyl invade Baltimore

Friday April 8th 2016 – FishHead Cantina

HUG-001The first time I’ve saw Hanzel und Gretyl was nearly two decades ago in 1996. 20 years later they still don’t disappoint. Vas Kallas and Kaiser Von Loopy destroyed Baltimore with their German industrial style metal. They added local Baltimore boy, Robbie Whiplash to taking on the live drums duties that added a much welcomed chaos element to the show. If you never seen HUG I would recommend you get off your ass and partake of one of their energetic and heart pumping show.

On this night, Loopy was wearing his new wolf head Kaiser and mask, while Vas wore a sexy leather top, a tiny leather skirt, and fire red hair. The show began with a creepy intro as both Loopy and Vas made their way onto the stage you could feel the energy from the crowd grow.
This crowd is ready to rock and have a great time as it should be with any good metal show.

HUG-003The first four songs that opened up there set were from the latest album “ Black Forest Metal”. They dove in with “Pentagram Sky” and its driving rhythm that erased any disbelief in the fact that they were gonna kick your ass. Next was the title track, which has Loopy performing a creepy vocals hook with the lyrics “ Black Forest metal, Black Forest heart”. The remainder of the set was a great mix that encompassed all five albums that they have produced from 2003-2014.

Like most metal-heads they are able to show their fun side and played “ More German than German” which simply played in the background while they danced around and had some fun with the crowd. Hanzel und Gretyl also showed how much they love playing for the crowd, by bringing volunteers on stage to drink beer from a boot while they rock out to a fan favorite “Das Boot”. (The beer at this show was some warm and nasty Natty, Boo!)

The stage handler Tim saw me in the crowd and made me take some from the boot. Let me tell you, it was exactly how you would imagine. Shitty beer, mixed with the taste of a boot that not even God knows where it has been.

They ended their monstrous set just how you would, with “Fukken Uber Death Party” which just pushed the crowd closer to the edge. Vas and Robbie walked off the stage while Loopy made awesome strange noises with his guitar then kneeled down like a modern day Hendrix.

HUG-004Vas and Robbie came back out to the stage and gave us one more song. “ Mein Kommandant” which is always one of my favorites because Vas sings to the crowd all sexy and enticing us with her witchcraft charms.

After the music ends and we all have regain our breath, the band, like the anti-famous rockstars they are make their way to the merch. booth. They hung out to sign autographs and take pictures with anyone who wanted to.

Later that night I told Loopy that this was my 20th anniversary of the first time I’ve seen them live. He responded by asking “if I was 10 then”, which made me feel good. We both agreed that we hope that we see each other for another 20 years.

As expected it was an amazing show by Hanzel und Gretyl and they will always be one of my favorite acts to see.

Pentagram Sky
Black Forest Metal
Blood of my horns
Big bad kyzrwolf
Uber alles intro
Unterstutzung 87
Number 1 in Deutschland
Fikk dich mit fire
3rd Reich from the sun
More German than German
Uber alles
Heil hizzle mein nizzle
SS DeathStar Supergalactik
Das boot
Hail to the dark side
Fukken über death party

Mein kommandant and More German Kyzrwolf remix


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