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Vuolla – Blood.Stone.Sun.Down (review)

Posted May 27, 2016 by George Archibald in CD Reviews
Vuolla Empire Extreme review

Vuolla – Blood. Stone. Sun. Down

Reviewed by George Archibald

Life, relationships, sorrow and lost are some of the topics that Finnish doom metal band Vuolla cover on their latest release Blood.Stone.Sun.Down. A combination of growling and clean female vocals, heavy guitar, and mid to slow tempo drums push this album for 8 tracks. BSSD is the first full length album for Vuolla, following up a previous released EP, At the Edge of Mist, in 2011.

Vuolla Empire Extreme reviewThe track ‘Emperor’ shows the abilities of Vuolla by starting off with heavy yet melodic guitar riffs and vocalist Kalle Korhonen’s aggressive style of singing. The song drives on to a lead guitar riff to break up the drone like rhythm, before turning to the melodic. A marching beat being pounded out on the drums accompanied by a slight bit of keyboards joined by Kati Kallinen, whose angelic voice is a refreshing turn for this track. The song begins to pick up tempo as the guitars come back in heavy. To finish out the track Kalle belts out a series growling vocals till the band stops.

In many ways Vuolla reminds me of older My Dying Bride and older Katatonia releases. Sticking to the doom metal style while bringing a talented female voice is a unique take on the genre. However, with following the doom metal style, many new listeners may find this band to be long winded at times playing parts out for a lengthy period of time. Most of the tracks on this album exceed the 6-minute mark including one track this is closer to 12 minutes.

Blood.Stone.Sun.Down is a well put together album, the production is top notch as the vocals stand out without being over bearing on the track. The guitars while using an array of effects come off very clear and not muddy throughout the album. If you are a fan of the doom metal genre this should be a great addition to your collection.

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